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Finding Great Leaders

We’re a boutique executive search firm, focusing exclusively on the blockchain, crypto and NFT sector.

As trusted advisors, our clients rely on our insights and expertise gained through decades of building high-growth leadership teams in disruptive and emerging industries.

Our team of recruiters are deep experts in the sector with access to extraordinary leadership talent, globally.

Because when people fit, they reveal their greatness. And everyone thrives.

Specialists in blockchain & crypto


Our team of recruiters are deep experts in the sector with access to extraordinary leadership talent, globally.

We source leaders from within blockchain & crypto (crypto-natives), and from relevant industries outside of the sector.

With the blockchain sector being global, 24/7 and mostly remote first, our team provides coverage in the US, Europe and Asia.

We advise some of the most progressive companies and investors in blockchain & crypto

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How blockchain companies are building great leadership teams

As an advisor to one of the A-list blockchain venture capital funds in the US, I am privileged to enjoy a unique vantage point in the sector as a result of helping both early-stage and established blockchain and crypto companies with their hiring.


What is Web3 and why are all the crypto people suddenly talking about it?

The term Web3, obviously, refers to a third generation of the internet. But is it just jargon?


A16z charts course to own the NFT market

The fast-growing startup scene for non-fungible tokens has become a cornerstone market for Andreessen Horowitz, one of crypto’s biggest boosters. 


From The Blockchain

What are NFTs? How do you buy and sell NFTs? Is it safe? There’s a lot of buzz around NFTs. We’re here to shine a light on the situation. From the Blockchain is hosted by “Bored Becky” Ashley Smith and “NFTIgnition” Danielle.

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